What types of Subscriptions does Paleo Magazine offer?

We offer five types of subscriptions.

  • Print+Digital 1 Year: $29.95 ($36.25 Canada or $90 International) you will receive 6 print issues/year, mailed to your address. You will also receive digital access to all current and past issues on both our website and mobile app. This subscription is both print AND digital.
  • Print + Digital 1 Year with Auto Renew: $24.95 same as above but your subscription will auto-renew each year until you cancel
  • Print + Digital 2 Years:  $44.95 same as the 1 year subscription but runs for 2 years and 12 print issues
  • Print + Digital 3 Years:  $54.95 same as the 1 year subscription but runs for 3 years and 18 print issues
  • Digital Only: We offer digital subscriptions, and single issues, through third party carriers such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. While our app with each provider is free, the content is not (however, we do provide some free content within the app). You can purchase your digital copies through the respective parties. We do not have access to these accounts nor will you receive a print copy of the magazine with this subscription. Our customer service department cannot access these accounts nor can we give out refunds for them, you must contact your app carrier. Often these subscriptions are set to auto-renewal by default.

When will I get my first print magazine?

Because we are a bi-monthly publication, your first issue will arrive in approximately 8-12 weeks, depending on when you subscribe. If the magazine is already in production or on store shelves you will receive the issue AFTER it. However, when you register for your subscription you can enter an email address which allows you access to all current and past digital issues on our website and mobile app instantly.

What is the Paleo Magazine Refund Policy?

We strive to make all customers happy, even those who choose not to continue their subscription with us. For print subscriptions we can only process a refund if one issue has been mailed. We cannot process partial refunds. If more than one issue has been mailed we can cancel, suspend or transfer your subscription but we can no longer process a refund after one issue. To cancel, suspend, transfer or refund your subscription please contact as soon as possible. If your subscription is a digital only subscription please contact your mobile app provider for their refund and cancellation policies.

I received an email stating I received a current digital issue do I also get a print copy?

If you subscribed to Paleo Magazine on our website or mailed in a check, and paid $29.95 (or $36.95 Canada) you WILL receive a print issue as well. Please allow 8-10 weeks to receive your first copy. This email is just regarding directions on how to access your digital subscription – which is a free extra to all print subscribers.

I signed up through iTunes or Google Play, will I receive a print issue with this subscription?

No. If you signed up for the mobile app through a third party carrier like iTunes or Google Play, you will not receive a print issue. Only subscribers to our print version (by either subscribing via our website or mail and paying $29.95 US/$36.25 Canada) receive a hard copy.

Will my print subscription be auto-renewed at the end of the 6 issues?

Only if you selected  the $24.95 Auto Renew option when subscribing.

Can I purchase past print issues?

Yes! Back issues are available on our online store. If an issue is not listed, then it is no longer in print and is no longer available. You can however find all back issues via our digital app. Note: you can also purchase other Paleo Magazine gear and products on our store as well.