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Guest Ann Gibbons

Date 9/11/14
Time 11:00a PST

For over a decade, Ann Gibbons has explored the origins of humanity, our evolution, and how factors like the environment, disease, and diet have influenced who we are today. She won the 2012 Anthropology in Media Award from the American Anthropological Association and is the author of “The First Human: The Race to Discover our Earliest Ancestors.”
Her piece in the current issue of National Geographic, “The Evolution of Diet” takes readers across the globe, to rainforests, mountains, and the Arctic Circle, investigating the diets of the peoples who live in these diverse landscapes.

She found numerous differences, but also similarities, and an almost complete absence of “Western Diseases” like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Ann also addresses the Paleo diet and how the reality of modern hunter gatherers differs from the way that many Paleo diet adherents eat.

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