Resetting the Brain’s Pleasure Centers: A Frequently Overlooked Benefit of Eating a Healthy Diet

Many people who’ve long been accustomed to a westernized, highly processed diet are hesitant to a adopt a real-food diet, in part because they anticipate lower hedonic value in such

Quenching the Flashes, Keeping the Fire Stoked: Are Post-Menopausal Hormones Wise for Paleo Women?

From conventional gynecologists to women’s health experts in the Paleo community, the word tends to be the same: A woman after menopause should try to avoid hormone therapy. If absolutely

A Landscape of Ash and Dust: Morel Hunting in Central Oregon

I mistook it for a pinecone: the pale little mushroom half-buried in the bed of soil and pine needles. I reached for it anyway, just to confirm, and my fingers

How to Make Your Own Jerky

The act of making jerky, or dehydrating meat, has been a method of preservation since humans first found a need to preserve food. Drying meat provided a way of making

A Ketogenic Diet is Effective for Treating Type 2 Diabetes, New Study Shows

The number of people with diabetes has quadrupled since 1980. The CDC estimates that over 30 million Americans live with diabetes, and it is among the leading causes of death.

How to Achieve a Quality Paleo Diet for Cheap

As part of the Paleo world, the biggest complaint I hear is, “The food is too expensive! I can’t afford to stay on the diet.” My family of four eats

Can Pro-Inflammatory Gut Bacteria Cause Obesity?

The microbiome and the brain are the chief regulators of adiposity and eating behavior in humans. In many respects, the microbiome is even more influential than the brain. While the

Seasonal Eating

There’s nothing more nourishing than consuming foods in their freshest forms, and that means eating seasonally. Perhaps you’ve heard “health experts” or news reports, or read claims on local restaurant

New Study Demonstrates Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Long-term caloric restriction is known to provide a variety of health benefits. But it can be difficult for people to stay compliant with caloric restriction. In a recent review article, scientists

The Unique Fatty-Acid Profile of Coconuts

The nutritionists and professors responsible for designing dietary guidelines for the public are not fond of saturated fat. They have long argued that it is healthier to limit consumption of