Episode 32: Former FDA Investigator turned Primal Enthusiast Gary Collins and Julian Bakery Scion and Paleo Bread Inventor Heath Squier

Gary Collins Profile High Res PPM

Today’s episode is all about being skeptical while at the same time keeping an open mind. First we’re going to ask you to go on the inside—the inside of the FDA, in fact; the Food and Drug Administration—with our first guest, Gary Collins, a former Special Investigator turned primal enthusiast. In the second half of the […]

Episode 31: Sarah Ballantyne The Paleo Mom and The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and the ageless man Stephen Jepson on Never Leaving the Playground


In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we talk with Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. This Paleo Mom is also a medical biophysicist by training, who, after experiencing a whole host of autoimmune-related dysfunctions, turned her trained eye to uncovering the secret to curing her own health. The results of her self-experimentation are found on her blog, […]

Episode 28: The Paleo Manifesto


In this episode of PMR, host Tony Federico talks with John Durant about his book, The Paleo Manifesto. The Paleo movement has at various times been dismissed as an eccentric fad, bashed as dangerous, misleading or embraced with religious zealotry. But what is Paleo really? To answer this question we must first understand who we […]

Episode 27: The Business of Beef

The Business of Beef

In this episode, host Tony Federico chats with David Perkins, founder of Beetnik Foods, a small food company with big ideas. And, in the second half, he sits down with Travis Martinez, “Commander in Beef” at TX Organics, a California family farm that is getting down with grass fed. CLICK HERE for full transcript of the […]

Episode 26: Diane Sanfilippo

Diane Sanfilippo

Host Tony Federico talks with Diane Sanfilippo New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and author of the newly released book The 21 Day Sugar Detox. In the second half, Jessica Emich, chef at the Paleo restaurant Shine in Boulder CO is interviewed. CLICK HERE for a full transcript of the show! Links Balanced Bites […]

Episode 24: Paleo Inspiration


In this episode, host Tony Federico talks with the “Fat Burning Man” Abel James. Abel hosts one of the top health and fitness podcasts on iTunes, produced a best selling recipe app, and has written numerous ebooks including “The Wild Diet”. In the second half of the show, Tony will be speaking with Soontaree Simms. Soontaree is […]

Episode 23: Everyday Paleo Living


Taking on a new lifestyle that includes big changes in diet, nutrition, and many other habits can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the daily pressures of work, family, and friends. But with the right environment, the right support, and the right mindset, creating a permanent lifestyle change is possible. In this episode, Tony talks […]

Episode 22: Paleo and Low Carb Living


Sometimes the best way to help others is to help yourself. Today’s guest, author, podcaster, and blogger, Jimmy Moore was only 32 years old when he realized that he needed to make a change. He weighed over 400 pounds, and his life was literally on the line. Using a low carb diet, he managed to […]

Episode 21: What Food Labels Mean for Your Meat


Host Tony Federico talks withDavid Maren, founder of Tendergrass Farms. David wrote a series of articles explaining food labels for MarksDailyApple.com and Tony speaks with him about the implications of food labeling for pork, poultry, and beef products. In the second half of the show, Tony’s friend Tim Bryant discusses how a Paleo style diet and a high […]

Episode 20: Why eating “aliens” is good for your health


In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, host Tony Federico speaks with Jackson Landers, author of the books Eating Aliens and The Beginners Guide to Hunting Deer for Food. Jackson is a writer, hunting guide, instructor, and adventurer who founded the “invasivore” movement and has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and The Washington Post. […]