The Original Paleo Post Workout Meal


By: Tony Federico   Crouched by the fire, tired yet exhilarated, the successful hunter gorges on the spoils of his efforts. Whether it was a comb of honey still squirming with somnolent bees, an ash-dusted joint of meat, a briny quivering oyster, or an egg supped from it’s shell, this meal would have been the […]

Sasquatch Lives!


An interview with Chris “Squatchy” Williams By: Casey Thaler   (Casey) Have to ask, where does the name “Squatchy” originate? (Chris) It’s actually an old nickname one of my friends gave me back in high school. I’m a fairly hairy dude, and had more facial/body hair than my friends (and at a younger age). We used […]

Episode 23: Everyday Paleo Living


Taking on a new lifestyle that includes big changes in diet, nutrition, and many other habits can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the daily pressures of work, family, and friends. But with the right environment, the right support, and the right mindset, creating a permanent lifestyle change is possible. In this episode, Tony talks […]