Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 53: Making Shift Happen with Dean Dwyer and Techno-Paleo with Adam Farrah


So, you’ve gone Paleo. You’ve lost some weight. You’re feeling great. And then, weeks go by. Months go by. Maybe some of your old habits start creeping back in. Maybe some of that old weight starts creeping back up. So, what do you do? Has Paleo failed you? Have you failed? Sometimes when we’re confronted […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 52: Evolutionary Psychology with Geoffrey Miller Ph.D. and Eggs with Liz Wolfe


Walking through a typical grocery store, imagine the types of things that you see—colorful boxes, packages, marketing slogans, models—all these images, all these messages, what do they actually do to us? According to Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist and expert on how we make food and purchasing choices, he would say that this is a […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 51: Roger Dickerman and the Relentless Transformation, plus Pressure Cookers with The Domestic Man


Transformation: the process of turning something into something else. In fitness, this often means changing our bodies; changing our mental outlook; changing our actions, what we do and how we live. To truly transform, however, we have to take on all aspects of our lives from top to bottom. We need a total transformation, and […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 50: Getting Clear on Ketones with Jimmy Moore and overcoming setbacks with Adam Farrah


Since Dr.  Atkins and his low-carb revolution, millions of people have tried low-carb dieting. However, questions still persist. What the heck are ketones? Is it good for me to be in ketosis? Do I need to count calories while I’m on a low carbohydrate diet? Helping to shed some light on these questions is Jimmy […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 48: Building a Gymnasts Body with Coach Chris Sommer and Roasting the Perfect Chicken with Russ Crandall


You might train your muscles. You might train your heart. You might train your lungs. But are you training your tendons? Your ligaments? When you progressively load an exercise are you burning out by going constantly to failure? Are you maximizing each contraction for explosiveness, power and body control? Developing these attributes might seem daunting, […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 47: Stefani Ruper, Sexy by Nature, and Paleo Grilling Part Three


“What is sexy? In 2012 Maxim Magazine declared 39-year-old actress Sofia Vergara the sexiest woman alive. I remember the shock I felt when I read the article. I wasn’t surprised that they found her physicality sexy. Vergara’s hourglass shape puts the little timekeeper in my Pictionary box to shame. But I was caught off-guard by […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 46: Getting Over Ab-session with Clark Danger and Paleo Grilling Part2


In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, Tony has the pleasure of speaking with Clark Danger, host of the PaleoHacks Podcast. Clark is a super-cool guy, he’s an evolved male, if you will, and he’s sharing his own experience with ab-session and how he overcame it to become, ultimately, more healthy and well-rounded as a human […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 45: Kyle Maynard, No Excuses, and Paleo Grilling Pt 1 The History of Meat and Fire


How many times have you thought about doing something—something difficult; something challenging; something thrilling; perhaps a thing that you’ve wanted to do your whole life—but as quickly as that thought emerged, an excuse popped in as well. Every day we make excuses. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough energy. I’m not in […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 44: Hilary Bromberg, going off the grid, and Barefoot Provisions


Have you ever wanted to just walk away from everything? The appeal of going back to the land, getting off the grid, and growing your own food can be strong, especially in these troubled times. We are constantly bombarded with useless information. Our food is, for the most part, crap, and our artificial surroundings lack […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 43: Leslie Klenke, the author of Paleo Girl, and Liz Wolfe with Real Food Radio Bites


Being a kid is great.  You hop out of bed first thing in the morning, slam a bowl of sugary cereal, and you’re off to take on the world. You get to take naps at school, you can play all day with your friends, and you’re put to bed early so you’re always ready and […]