Paleo Pregnancy: 5 Ways to a Better Birth and a Healthier Baby


From the Oct/Nov 2014 print issue of Paleo Magazine By: Kristi Beguin   Women who are pregnant, or who are considering pregnancy, face an incredible number of choices. Doctor or midwife? Where to give birth—hospital, home or birth center? Who should be there? What foods are best? What are the best kinds of exercise? What […]

Kombucha: What It Is, What It Does, and Why We Love It

From Digestive Health with REAL Food, by Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD.
Photo - Savannah Wishart Photography

By: Erin Van Genderen   Very similar to a first-timer’s sip of black coffee – or red wine, for that matter – the initial taste of kombucha is bracing: all that sour fizz, the hint of vinegar, the little SCOBY swimming in the bottom of the bottle. It doesn’t take long, though, to start craving […]

Review of The Hawaii Diet + What The Ancient Hawaiians Can Offer Paleo


By: Erin Van Genderen   Ancient Hawaiians were once one of the most powerful communities in the Pacific. Relatively isolated from foreign intervention, the early inhabitants of the islands enjoyed robust health and were in peak physical condition – it was a requirement of the rugged land and the rough seas, a side effect of […]

Review: Beautiful Practice by Frank Forencich


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   Beautiful Practice: A Whole-Life Approach to Health, Performance And The Human Predicament Frank Forencich has an answer to how to meet the challenges of modern life, be they from ecological destruction, debilitating stress or the spread of disease. The suffering of our […]

Toward a Fitter Future – An Interview with Jen Sinkler

Jen Sinkler

By Lauren Bedosky   As the director of the women’s-only group strength training series at The Movement Minneapolis – a small, inconspicuous gym tucked between a pharmacy and a dry cleaner’s – Jen Sinkler strives to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can enjoy fitness. But that doesn’t mean clients shouldn’t expect to […]

Episode 36: Liz Wolfe, Real Food, Why You Should “Eat the Yolks”, and Paleo Boot Camp Week 4


In this episode we’re talking with the amazing Liz Wolfe, author of Eat the Yolks. Liz is a firebrand in the Paleo community, and she’s really an awesome person. Plus, she’s got some really cute goats, which is pretty cool. We’re going to talking to Liz about her book and about how she got into this whole […]

Episode 35: Clifton Harski, Getting a Kettlebooty, and Paleo Bootcamp Week 3


In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we’re going to be talking with Clifton Harski. Clifton is one of the original MovNat coaches and has been around the ancestral health scene for quite some time. He’s currently a director of training at Fitwall, which is an innovative new, fun and effective exercise system. Clifton’s also […]

Paleo Easter & Passover Recipe Roundup


by Erin Van Genderen The week of Passover and Easter weekend provide perfect opportunities to gather with friends and family. Whether to celebrate the awakening of spring or a religious holiday, uniting around a table full of good food is an occasion in itself. Use our recipe roundup to plan your Easter brunch – made […]

Episode 32: Former FDA Investigator turned Primal Enthusiast Gary Collins and Julian Bakery Scion and Paleo Bread Inventor Heath Squier

Gary Collins Profile High Res PPM

Today’s episode is all about being skeptical while at the same time keeping an open mind. First we’re going to ask you to go on the inside—the inside of the FDA, in fact; the Food and Drug Administration—with our first guest, Gary Collins, a former Special Investigator turned primal enthusiast. In the second half of the […]

Paleo Diet Vending Machines


Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 26th 2014    Paleo Vending Systems Launch Into Market Creating “An Evolution of Convenience in Nutrition”   Santa Rosa, California: PaleoExpress announces delivery and installation of industry’s first exclusive Paleo Diet vending machines, providing convenient access to nutritious and wholesome food on-the-go. Ease and availability are some of the biggest hurdles when […]