Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 42: Ryan Hurst, Getting a Gymnast’s Gold Medal Body, and Why “Variety” is Overrated

Gold Medal Bodies

For us mere mortals, watching a gymnast is an exercise in wonder. The feats are incredible; the strength, control, flexibility and balance almost inhuman. While watching them flip and tumble and twist, we secretly wish we could be so free. We secretly wish we had their biceps and six-packs too. But they must be genetic […]

Episode 37: Resistant Starch and Having Fun with Fitness


In this two-part special episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we’re going to be addressing the subject of resistant starch with Richard Nikoley and Tim Steele. The idea that starch is a beneficial component of our ancestral-focused diet is not new – it’s a concept popularized by Paul Jaminet in his book, The Perfect Health Diet. […]

Episode 35: Clifton Harski, Getting a Kettlebooty, and Paleo Bootcamp Week 3


In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we’re going to be talking with Clifton Harski. Clifton is one of the original MovNat coaches and has been around the ancestral health scene for quite some time. He’s currently a director of training at Fitwall, which is an innovative new, fun and effective exercise system. Clifton’s also […]