Pure Indian Foods has been making organic, grass-fed ghee for over 120 years and it shows. For five generations, the company has been producing their delicious and nutritious ghee fresh in small batches. They only use non-homogenized milk obtained from cows during the spring and fall, when the grass is growing rapidly, giving their products a high amount of fat-soluble vitamins and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA).

Pure Indian Foods Grass-Fed, Certified Organic Ghee has an excellent, buttery flavor and is made from a single ingredient – milk. During our extensive, not to mention extremely enjoyable, taste testing, we tried this ghee on everything we could think of – veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes, steak, steamed clams and more. It gave a wonderfully rich taste to every single thing we put it on, dipped it in and slathered with it. Out of all the tasters that participated, not a single one gave this stuff a “thumbs down”. As a matter of fact, most were disappointed when the sample jar finally ran out.

In addition to their plain ghee, they also offer an incredibly tasty line of spiced ghees that are definitely worth a look. Some of our favorite flavors include Garlic Ghee, that tastes exactly how you’d think, though the garlic is subtle and just about perfect; Herbes de Provence Ghee, with hints of fresh thyme and lavender; and Indian Dessert Ghee, with a perfect blend of fennel and cardamom. The flavored ghee offerings from Pure Indian Foods are perfect for quickly and easily adding different flavors to your foods – especially things like veggies and meat.

This is a company that does things right, working hard to produce products that not only tastes amazing, but that are nutrient dense and good for you. We can’t recommend their products enough and hope you check them out. You can buy Pure Indian Foods products online or check their store locator for a market near you.