In this post, Trina Felber from Primal Life Organics gives you more information on how you can take great care of your pearly whites while avoiding modern products and their potentially toxic ingredients.
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By: Trina Felber

The harsh, laboratory-isolated substances and abrasives present in “conventional” mouth-care products can wreak havoc on teeth and gums. They can strip the protective enamel from your teeth and leave them vulnerable to cavities and degradation. The gums are particularly vulnerable to irritants. Like your skin, the gums are very vascular and absorb what they come into contact with. Treat your gums like you would the delicate tissues around your eyes – don’t let harsh substances touch them!

What about brushing? You’ve probably heard that hand-washing should last at least two minutes for maximum effectiveness. Just like washing your hands, brushing for two minutes is actually as important as the products you use. If you can’t source a good toothpaste, you can simply use water. In fact, the simple act of BRUSHING for two minutes is likely more effective for cleaning your teeth than conventional toothpaste!

Concerns over toxic or harsh ingredients may seem over-blown, but consider this: if you brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, your gums are exposed to the paste you’re using for a full 24 hours each year! In the long run, every second counts; so using a paste that is nontoxic and free of industrially-formulated chemicals is critical. Why take a 24-hour chemical bath every year?

Native cultures with robust dental health practice oral hygiene in ways that may seem unfamiliar to us, but we can certainly learn from them. The practice of “pica” – the ingestion of dirt or clay – is common among tribal communities. Pica is the body driving us to obtain minerals that are lacking in the diet. I’m not suggesting you eat a bowl of dirt for dinner, but knowing that traditional cultures valued clay for its mineral density, and understanding how critical minerals are to the health of the mouth (they can be considered nutrition for the teeth), using clay for dental health and re-mineralization just makes sense!

The toothpaste from Primal Life Organics is made from direct-from-the-earth ingredients, no laboratory required. This paste provides protection from plaque and cavities, delivers nutrients for healthy gums and teeth, and can be used without fear of the ingestion of toxins. This toothpaste provides essential minerals that can be absorbed through gum tissue and porous teeth. It whitens and cleans with gently abrasive earthen clays, and leaves the delicate oral tissues feeling fresh.

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