Mother’s Day presents an opportunity to celebrate those who gave us life. Our mothers – and grandmothers, stepmothers, adoptive mothers, or mother-figures – nourished our bodies long before we could make choices of our own, and they guided us through the journey of discovery and growth that is childhood and young adulthood. Mothers are an incredible force: part fierce lioness, part gentle comforter, there is a balance between the two that yields a harmony that is integral to human survival and wholeness.

Whether your mother is close by or far away, or whether she is a Paleo goddess or a from-scratch home cook, these gifts are sure to express love and gratitude worthy of such an important figure. Flowers and chocolate will never completely express the depth of appreciation for mothers everywhere, but they definitely offer a treat to someone who so often gives of herself for others.


Eating Evolved Chocolate  Made from premium organic cacao and sweetened with organic unrefined maple sugar, the confections from Eating Evolved demonstrate the benefit of quality over quantity. Choose from flavors like Vanilla Bean & Coffee 72% Cacao or Crunchy Caramel 85% Cacao, or let your mom do the choosing with an Eating Evolved sampler pack with all the varieties.

Heirloom seeds  The true essence of Paleo encourages reconnection with our planet as a source of nourishment and beauty – and there’s a reason why she’s called Mother Earth in the first place. When you give your mom a set of heirloom seeds – for growing her favorite flowers or her favorite veggies – you’re encouraging a host of healthy habits and giving a gift that keeps on giving, season after season.

Le Creuset cast-iron skillet  An essential in any well-stocked kitchen, a cast-iron skillet is sure to last a lifetime. Show your mom that she’s worth the investment; bonus points if you cook her dinner, too.

Primal Life Organics skin food and Primal Colors Makeup  Mothers so often meet the needs of others before they tend to their own. This Mother’s Day, make sure your mom feels pampered with all-natural products from Primal Life Organics. Treat her to an exfoliating kit with a luxurious anti-aging serum, or put together a custom Primal Colors kit with eye shadow, blush and foundation made entirely from ingredients found in nature.

High Quality Coffee & Coffee Press  Upgrade your mother’s breakfast routine with a bag of coffee (or tea!) so delicious, she won’t be able to return to the old standard. Pair that with an adorable French press, and maybe even a personalized coffee mug, and her early mornings just got infinitely better.

Pete’s Paleo Meals & The Good Dish: Positively Primal  Meal Delivery Service  Send your mom a week’s work of pre-made Paleo meals from some of our favorite companies to ensure that on the days she doesn’t feel like cooking, a delicious dinner can be outsourced in mere minutes.

Paleo Treats  Some love the Mustang Bar, others love the Mac Attack, but everyone loves Paleo Treats. Order a variety pack so your mother can try them all. Whether the Bandito comes out as the favorite or the Brownie Bomb wins the number one spot, it’s a comfort knowing that these delicious treats are made with wholesome, real-food ingredients.

New Paleo Books  Nearly every month a new science-based lifestyle tome or a cookbook arrives, and the beauty of each one is in its diversity. Whether your mother loves Mediterranean cooking or wants to learn more about autoimmune conditions, there’s a definitely a Paleo book for that.

Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without a subscription to Paleo Magazine  In case you didn’t already know, Paleo Magazine offers a host of research, knowledge from the experts, recipes and product reviews, plus stories from cave-people around the world to encourage your mom on her journey to vibrant health.

Happy Mother’s Day!