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Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Zucchini Quiche with Coconut Flour Crust

May 20th, 2016|Featured Slider, Paleo Breakfast Recipes|

This simple and delicious quiche is full of nutritious veggies. The low-carb coconut flour crust

Chorizo and Spinach Breakfast Bake

April 21st, 2016|Paleo Breakfast Recipes|

A delicious breakfast bake with chorizo, spinach, tomatoes and eggs along with a few spices

Paleo Appetizer Recipes

Grilled Asparagus & Prosciutto Bundles

March 11th, 2016|Paleo Appetizers, Paleo Lunch Recipes|

Asparagus will disappear twice as fast when wrapped in prosciutto and grilled. After just a

Cashew Pesto Muffin Frittatas

February 27th, 2016|Paleo Appetizers, Paleo Breakfast Recipes, Paleo Snacks|

Flavor packed pesto muffins make a great, filling breakfast, or a quick grab-and-go lunch for

Paleo Lunch Recipes

Warm Root Salad with Mustard and Caper Dressing

January 6th, 2017|Paleo Dinner Recipes, Paleo Lunch Recipes|

Roasted root vegetables are a classic winter staple and are particularly good tossed in sharp

Chicken Taco Bowls

November 9th, 2016|Articles, Featured Slider, Paleo Dinner Recipes, Paleo Lunch Recipes, Paleo Snacks|

This easy and fun take on tacos swaps the tortilla for crunchy shredded lettuce. This

Paleo Dinner Recipes

Coq Au Vin

May 3rd, 2017|Articles, Featured Slider, Paleo Dinner Recipes|

A classic French dish, Coq Au Vin translates to “chicken (or rooster) in wine.” For

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

April 24th, 2017|Featured Slider, Paleo Dinner Recipes|

These spicy chicken meatballs make for the perfect appetizer, and are healthy, too! Choose your

Paleo Dessert Recipes

Christmas Cookies

December 22nd, 2015|Paleo Desserts, Paleo Snacks|

These simple yet delicious Christmas Cookies are loaded with holiday flavors. With tart cranberries and

Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Paleo Holiday Treat Recipes

December 20th, 2014|Paleo Desserts|

With the holidays upon us, now is definitely the time when people (including us!) want

Paleo Snack Recipes

Avocado Green Olive Deviled Eggs

April 18th, 2016|Paleo Appetizers, Paleo Snacks|

This simple twist on deviled eggs makes an old favorite new and exciting! The avocado

Veggie Egg Squares

March 30th, 2016|Paleo Breakfast Recipes, Paleo Lunch Recipes, Paleo Snacks|

My kids enjoy these simple and healthy squares both warm and cold, making them great

Paleo Drink Recipes

Orange Manius

December 21st, 2012|Paleo Drinks|

This simple recipe is easy to make and incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day.