Review: Dang Coconut Chips


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   Dang Foods was born in the kitchen. Founder Vincent Kitirattagarn grew up eating his mother’s authentic Thai recipes gathered from her childhood in Bangkok, and developed an early appreciation for the diversity of flavor in the many cultures of the world. As […]

Review: Beautiful Practice by Frank Forencich


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   Beautiful Practice: A Whole-Life Approach to Health, Performance And The Human Predicament Frank Forencich has an answer to how to meet the challenges of modern life, be they from ecological destruction, debilitating stress or the spread of disease. The suffering of our […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 45: Kyle Maynard, No Excuses, and Paleo Grilling Pt 1 The History of Meat and Fire


How many times have you thought about doing something—something difficult; something challenging; something thrilling; perhaps a thing that you’ve wanted to do your whole life—but as quickly as that thought emerged, an excuse popped in as well. Every day we make excuses. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough energy. I’m not in […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 44: Hilary Bromberg, going off the grid, and Barefoot Provisions


Have you ever wanted to just walk away from everything? The appeal of going back to the land, getting off the grid, and growing your own food can be strong, especially in these troubled times. We are constantly bombarded with useless information. Our food is, for the most part, crap, and our artificial surroundings lack […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 43: Leslie Klenke, the author of Paleo Girl, and Liz Wolfe with Real Food Radio Bites


Being a kid is great.  You hop out of bed first thing in the morning, slam a bowl of sugary cereal, and you’re off to take on the world. You get to take naps at school, you can play all day with your friends, and you’re put to bed early so you’re always ready and […]

Paleo on a Budget


By: Gabi Moskowitz Perhaps one of the most common reasons people shy away from Paleo eating is what is often perceived as a prohibitively expensive price tag. “Grass-fed,” “Pasture-Raised,” and “Organic” signal one big red flag to the budget-conscious shopper: “Too Expensive!” But with a few simple swaps and a little extra effort and planning, […]

The Original Paleo Post Workout Meal


By: Tony Federico   Crouched by the fire, tired yet exhilarated, the successful hunter gorges on the spoils of his efforts. Whether it was a comb of honey still squirming with somnolent bees, an ash-dusted joint of meat, a briny quivering oyster, or an egg supped from it’s shell, this meal would have been the […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 42: Ryan Hurst, Getting a Gymnast’s Gold Medal Body, and Why “Variety” is Overrated

Gold Medal Bodies

For us mere mortals, watching a gymnast is an exercise in wonder. The feats are incredible; the strength, control, flexibility and balance almost inhuman. While watching them flip and tumble and twist, we secretly wish we could be so free. We secretly wish we had their biceps and six-packs too. But they must be genetic […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 41: Steve Rinella, host of “Meat Eater”

Steve Rinella

What did you think about the last time you walked into a grocery store?  Oh, buy one get one free?  What am I going to have for dinner tonight?  Is there gluten in this?  Is it Paleo?  At any point did you ever consider what your food really is?  The fact that it isn’t self-evident […]

The Top Ten Best Berries for Paleo

Top Paleo Berries - Blueberries

By: Erin Van Genderen   As some of the most antioxidant-packed gems available in nature, berries are a prime target for both nutrition and pleasure when following a Paleo diet template. Berries are relatively low in fructose, and as such make a superb treat when The Sugar Dragon rears its ugly head – not only […]