Are Gut Bacteria Making You Fat? Part IV: Wrapping it Up

August 7, 2014Source:

By: Eirik Garnas   At this point, we don’t know exactly what characterizes the obese microbiome. However, it could be argued that we don’t really need to establish exactly which phyla and species of microbes that play a key role in obesity. Certainly, having more knowledge about the obese microbiome and the role of specific […]

Are Gut Bacteria Making You Fat? Part III: Two Emerging Hypotheses of Obesity

August 6, 2014Source:

By: Eirik Garnas     When talking about body fat regulation we always have to adhere to the basic laws of thermodynamics. We know that increases in body fat mass happens when energy intake is higher than energy expenditure, and that we have to either decrease energy intake, increase energy expenditure, or both in order […]

Are Gut Bacteria Making You Fat? Part II: Ancestral vs. Westernized Microbiome

August 5, 2014Source:

By: Eirik Garnas   Why are we seeing these changes in the human microbiota? Studies show that the western lifestyle promotes a suboptimal phenotype, in the sense that highly processed diets, sedentary living, lack of sun exposure, etc., results in a gene expression that leads to poor health and disease (1,2). However, we’re now learning […]

Are Gut Bacteria Making You Fat? Part I: The Second Genome

August 4, 2014Skin micro biome

By: Eirik Garnas   The obesity epidemic has quickly become one of the greatest health challenges humans have ever faced, and the weight loss industry is now a billion dollar market that provides dieters with supplements, surgeries, and diet plans that promise instant fat loss. However, it hasn’t always been this way. We don’t have […]

Review of The Hawaii Diet + What The Ancient Hawaiians Can Offer Paleo

July 31, 2014Hawaii-Diet-Cover

By: Erin Van Genderen   Ancient Hawaiians were once one of the most powerful communities in the Pacific. Relatively isolated from foreign intervention, the early inhabitants of the islands enjoyed robust health and were in peak physical condition – it was a requirement of the rugged land and the rough seas, a side effect of […]

Review: The Good Dish-Positively Primal

July 25, 2014Positively-Primal

Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   With a busy week ahead, the thought of pre-prepared, perfectly portioned meals arriving on the doorstep assuages all kinds of stress: stress over what to eat when there’s no time to grocery shop; stress over maintaining healthy eating habits when time and […]

Review: The Big Fat Surprise


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   Finally – A mainstream book praising all the best fats, the saturated ones like tallow, lard, butter and coconut oil. Written by investigative reporter Nina Teicholz, The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in A Healthy Diet traces the […]

Review: Tessemae’s


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   It’s difficult to trust even the most ardent professions of “all-natural” ingredients these days, particularly when it comes to sauces and dressings. Somehow, it’s easy to sneak in unwholesome ingredients into our what should be a simple oil-and-vinegar salad dressing, or a […]

Review: Kasandrinos Olive Oils


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   Quality fats from reputable sources can be difficult to come by. The process of hydrogenation has made even honest lipids susceptible to some scrutiny. So when a company emerges with a focus on purity and transparency in the creation of their product, […]

Review: Dang Coconut Chips


Review by Erin Van Genderen Originally featured in our Aug/Sept 2014 issue   Dang Foods was born in the kitchen. Founder Vincent Kitirattagarn grew up eating his mother’s authentic Thai recipes gathered from her childhood in Bangkok, and developed an early appreciation for the diversity of flavor in the many cultures of the world. As […]