Learning to Crawl


By Colin Pistell from Fifth Ape One of my mother’s favorite stories is “How Colin Learned to Crawl.”  I started to roll earlier than most babies and I got very good at it – fastest rolling baby in the West. Crawling was a different story. I’d roll onto my stomach, my eyes would fix on […]

Return of the Prodigal Sun


By Sean Croxton (Originally printed in Paleo magazine July/Aug 2011 issue) I heart the sun. Living in San Diego, there is no shortage of sunshine. It never snows and seldom rains. But despite the lack of true seasonal distinctions, there is still no time like summer. Summer is when I emerge from my cave (a.k.a. […]

Getting Kids Involved


By Peggy Emch, The Primal Parent (Originally published in May/June 2011 Issue) Spring is finally here and as the sun brings energy to all living things, chickens start producing eggs with golden yolks and cows lay off the hay to graze on bright green grass. Local farmers bring fresh produce and meats to our neighborhoods, […]

Digestive Illness Part II

A Holistic, Paleo Approach to Recovery From Digestive Illness Part 2: Lifestyle By Adam Farrah “As great as Paleo is, I didn’t see MAJOR improvement in my health and digestion until I got the stress and negative people and bullshit out of my life.” I made that comment in passing to someone on Facebook regarding […]

Face the Fats


By Kristin Wartman (Originally printed in Paleo magazine May/June 2011 issue) Animal fats, long deemed the villain of the nutrition world, have been blamed for everything from clogged arteries, elevated cholesterol, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, and obesity — but the evidence that saturated fats do indeed cause any of these health concerns is scant. Unfortunately for […]



By Cain Credicott, Editor (Originally printed in Paleo magazine Sept/Oct 2011 issue) Sweetener Series Intro In the Paleo community, sweeteners are a source of great debate.  Some consider any food or sweetener that contains fructose nothing short of pure evil, claiming any food with a decent fructose level will send you straight to an early […]

I Inspire – John


In words that I never thought would come from my mouth, “I quit!!” I plain and simply gave up because I was too lazy and willing to work anymore to become the best person that I could be. I was raised to be a winner, and always work hard.  I was given an excellent value […]

I Inspire – Kim Ludeman


Kim’s story was originally featured in our June/July 2012 issue. Kim Ludeman has been a personal trainer for the last three years and a nutritional consultant for the last two.  After finding Crossfit and the Paleo diet last year, she finally ditched the grains and legumes and hasn’t looked back since.  She credits the Paleo […]

Interview with Steve Cooksey

By Tony Federico Steve Cooksey has been getting a lot of attention lately, and not all of it has been good.  He started his blog, DiabetesWarrior.net, after successfully curing his diabetes with a low-carb Paleolithic diet, and wanted to help other people to do the same.  However, Steve lives in North Carolina, a state where […]

Raw Milk – Interview with Mary McGonigle-Martin

By Tony Federico Raw milk is nothing new.  From the first domesticated herd of Aurochs (the ancestor of modern cattle) that emerged in the Middle East approximately 10,000 years ago, humans have benefited from both the meat and milk provided by cows.  However, the process of pasteurization is a relatively recent invention.  In the late […]