A Paleo Halloween


This article was originally published in our Sept/Oct 2011 issue. By: Peggy Emch Trick-or-treating is more of a right for kids, and not an option as many of us health conscious parents wish it were. If we accept this, we can guide them towards smarter choices. If we deny them the excitement, they will end […]

AMA Redefines Obesity


  On Tuesday, June 18, the American Medical Association voted to officially classify obesity as a disease, a move that will forever change the way health and weight are viewed in the medical community. While some are opposed to the idea of classifying obesity as a disease, others are convinced of the positive ramifications. Maybe, […]

Paleo Strength Training: Evaluate Your Exercise Options


  By: Ken Best   Have you noticed the most successful programs are the ones based on sound principles? The Paleo diet strategy is one of the best because it is underpinned by principles that apply to everyone and are simple to implement and follow. Based on my career experience, successful business models, self-defence programs […]

Most Anticipated Paleo Cookbooks


On The Waiting List and On The Shelves By Erin Van Genderen As the Paleo movement gains momentum and exposure – recently on the Dr. Oz show – so too does the culinary experimentation from some of the most prominent Paleo bloggers. From simple meals and international dishes, to full gourmet meal plans, these new […]

Why GMO Labeling Is Totally Paleo


“Is There Fly DNA In My Soup?” – Or, Why the GMO Labeling Bill is Important by Erin R. Van Genderen   The transition from the Standard American Diet to a Paleo lifestyle is often a gradual one, beginning with reeducation about nutrition science, and generally wrapping up with a focus on food quality. When […]

Avoid the Top 5 Paleo Traps

Paleo Veggie Burger

How to Avoid the Top 5 Paleo Traps & Sustain a Balanced Lifestyle By: Camille Macres   If you are reading this article, you most likely are already following a Paleo diet. You have also likely experienced a tremendous shift in your health and well-being since eliminating (or at least drastically reducing) grains, beans, sugar […]

Jessica Biesiekierski Interview (Part II)


By: Tony Federico The first part of this interview appeared in the Apr/May 2013 issue of Paleo Magazine.     Jessica Biesiekierski was always interested in the relationship between diet and health, so when she was offered a scholarship to Melbourne Australia’s esteemed Monash University, she accepted without hesitation.  She focused her research on the […]

Evolution of a CrossFitter


By: Ian Starr Originally posted on CrossFitLittleton.net For those of us that make it past the early, formative phases of training and continue our strength and conditioning into it’s maturity (long term training as a lifestyle), there are many ups and downs. Most people won’t do anything that takes committed hard work to keep progressing […]

Paleo: The Dental Diet? Part III

In this post, Trina Felber from Primal Life Organics gives you more information on how you can take great care of your pearly whites while avoiding modern products and their potentially toxic ingredients. And, if you missed it, you can read Parts I and II of Paleo Diet Dental Care (both by the amazing Liz […]

Learning to Crawl


By Colin Pistell from Fifth Ape One of my mother’s favorite stories is “How Colin Learned to Crawl.”  I started to roll earlier than most babies and I got very good at it – fastest rolling baby in the West. Crawling was a different story. I’d roll onto my stomach, my eyes would fix on […]