In this episode, Tony takes listeners on a journey through all aspects of perfect health. His first guest, Russ Crandall, is the creator of The Domestic Man blog. Russ overcame chronic illness by using an ancestral approach to diet that includes things like white rice and potatoes. He thinks that traditional foods, delicious foods, things that have been created in kitchens for hundreds if not thousands of years, can also be healthy. And that’s really what he’s done with his cookbook, The Ancestral Table, taking these recipes and turning them into those that you can bring into your own kitchen, into your own home, for better health as well as delicious eating.

In the second half of the show, Tony speaks with Whitney (Gray Ross), as well as Dr. Paul Jaminet, the first repeat guest here on Paleo Magazine Radio, to talk about their upcoming Perfect Health Retreat, which is based off of the principles outlined in The Perfect Health Diet book by Dr. Paul Jaminet. It’s a top to bottom experience, one that really immerses guests in the entire Perfect Health lifestyle – in addition to the food, there’s an exercise component, there’s a social component, and there is an emphasis on aligning your circadian rhythms with your environment to literally create perfect health.

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