Taking on a new lifestyle that includes big changes in diet, nutrition, and many other habits can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the daily pressures of work, family, and friends. But with the right environment, the right support, and the right mindset, creating a permanent lifestyle change is possible.

In this episode, Tony talks with Sarah Fragoso, who is living proof of that possibility. After the birth of her third child, Sarah was overweight and plagued by numerous health issues, from swollen legs to depression. A chance encounter with Nicki Violetti, who just so happens to be the wife of Robb Wolf, changed Sarah’s life forever, and let to her embracing high-intensity strength training, Paleo eating, and a reprioritized lifestyle that puts her personal health first. Perhaps best known for her blog and book, Everyday Paleo, Sarah is also the author or a children’s book, Paleo Pals, and a brand new cookbook dedicated to Italian cuisine.

In the second half of the show Tony talks with Steve Tinsky, founder of Wild Mountain Paleo, about his own personal story, as well as his vision for creating an alternative to the standard big food supermarket. In his quest for health, Steve tried food combining, raw food diets, and vegetarianism, but finally decided that Paleo was the way to go when his chiropractor gave him a book written by a former student, a student who just so happened to be Nora Gedgaudas. And it was with that book that Steve started his new health evolution.

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