While many people willingly adopt a paleo diet, for others it isn’t a choice. Those who suffer from celiac disease face dire health consequences if they continue to consume gluten containing grains. And for them, the thought of never again eating bread, cookies, cakes or other treats can be both depressing and discouraging. For Elana Amsterdam, however, her diagnosis of celiac disease was an opportunity. After testing numerous gluten-free and grain-free recipes on her own harshest critics, her family, she decided to share them with the world, which resulted in an incredibly popular blog and a growing series of cookbooks, which includes the upcoming book Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry.

On this episode of PMR, Tony chats with Elana to find out more about her personal transition to gluten and grain free and how this launched her new career. In the second half of the show he talks with Julia Kohli. Julia used Elana’s recipes when she decided to go gluten-free and we’ll find out how this helped her to stay on track with her current healthy lifestyle.

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