Press Release: 03/14/14

MAYAN CAVEMAN COOKIES: A healthy snack without a sacrifice…. on flavor!

March 2014 – The Caveman Diet isn’t just for the eccentric recluse with a large beard and freezer full of meat anymore. “Paleo” has finally entered the modern lexicon and is considered a healthy and natural approach to food. But what is the modern-day caveman or cavewoman to do when they crave sweets? Enter Caveman Cookies! With a simple and clean ingredient list of honey, nuts and berries, Caveman Cookies are healthy cookies that embrace the back-to-basics principles of our Paleolithic ancestors.Caveman-Cookies-Mayan

The Caveman Bakery’s newest variety, Mayan Caveman Cookies, combine the tantalizing South American flavors of chocolate and chili with the power of the “ancient superfood” chia. Like other Caveman Cookie varieties, they are:

– All-Natural

– Paleo

– Gluten-Free/Grain-Free

– Dairy-Free

– Sodium-Free

– Cholesterol-Free

– Free of Refined Sugar

– Free of Preservatives

– Chewy & Delicious

The Caveman Bakery is a small, woman-owned company based in New York. The owner, Stephanie Lester, opened the bakery in 2009 after working as an attorney at a major New York law firm. Frustrated by spending long hours in an artificial office environment, she left the firm to dedicate herself to a business that promoted a healthy, natural lifestyle and wholesome eating.

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