Episode 27: The Business of Beef

The Business of Beef

In this episode, host Tony Federico chats with David Perkins, founder of Beetnik Foods, a small food company with big ideas. And, in the second half, he sits down with Travis Martinez, “Commander in Beef” at TX Organics, a California family farm that is getting down with grass fed. CLICK HERE for full transcript of the […]

Episode 26: Diane Sanfilippo

Diane Sanfilippo

Host Tony Federico talks with Diane Sanfilippo New York Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo and author of the newly released book The 21 Day Sugar Detox. In the second half, Jessica Emich, chef at the Paleo restaurant Shine in Boulder CO is interviewed. CLICK HERE for a full transcript of the show! Links Balanced Bites […]

Episode 16: Welcome to the Ancestral Health Symposium


Living the Paleo lifestyle can sometimes be a frustrating experience. It’s almost like living in the matrix where you have information and knowledge that no one else is aware of. Whether it’s weird looks from waiters when you request a bunless burger, or flat out disregard from your doctor when you tell him that you […]