Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 53: Making Shift Happen with Dean Dwyer and Techno-Paleo with Adam Farrah


So, you’ve gone Paleo. You’ve lost some weight. You’re feeling great. And then, weeks go by. Months go by. Maybe some of your old habits start creeping back in. Maybe some of that old weight starts creeping back up. So, what do you do? Has Paleo failed you? Have you failed? Sometimes when we’re confronted […]

Review: Tiger Nuts


“The Paleo diet is not a historical reenactment.” We hear this phrase over and over, most often in defense of modern foods like nut flours and butters, or the occasional square of dark chocolate. But what if it could be? What if there were a tasty, portable snack that could help bridge the gap between […]

Review: Paleo Girl


Leslie Klenke’s heart for empowering young women comes through in this, her first book, “Paleo Girl,” published by Primal Blueprint Publishing. Written in a casual, conversational style, Klenke fills the role of the compassionate older sister with plenty of wisdom and wit to share. She doesn’t skirt around the hard issues, and she only simplifies […]

Review: Portland Paleo Cookies


Portland Paleo employs the term “liberating” to describe their cookies. Free from grains, gluten, dairy, refined sugars and soy, Portland Paleo Cookies embody the true meaning behind eating the ancestral way: enjoying delicious food, made from wholesome ingredients, with equal parts fun and nourishment. Cutting out the offensive ingredients shouldn’t be limiting—it is, in fact, […]

Review: Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook


The cover of “Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook” contains every color in the rainbow—with the vibrant crimson of beets and the electric yellow-green flesh of an avocado, the photo exudes happiness. This vivid bounty certainly suggests healthful eating, but it is the inclusion of playfulness that makes this cookbook more than just another collection of recipes. […]

Review: Organic Caveman


As a continuation of the successful Primal Power Method, “Organic Caveman: How to Make Natural and Sustainable Food Choices for Weight Loss and Health” by Gary Collins shifts the focus away from the specifics of what to eat and instead highlights food quality as the key to health. Collins is the author of several books, […]

Review: CV Skinlabs


CV Skinlabs wants to “change the way we look at skin—as a doorway to what’s inside us.” Founded by Britta Aragon—a former makeup artist, skincare therapist, caregiver and cancer survivor turned author and entrepreneur—CV Skinlabs’ products are rigorously tested by dermatologists, toxicologists and holistic skincare chemists to ensure each lotion and balm they make is […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 52: Evolutionary Psychology with Geoffrey Miller Ph.D. and Eggs with Liz Wolfe


Walking through a typical grocery store, imagine the types of things that you see—colorful boxes, packages, marketing slogans, models—all these images, all these messages, what do they actually do to us? According to Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist and expert on how we make food and purchasing choices, he would say that this is a […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 51: Roger Dickerman and the Relentless Transformation, plus Pressure Cookers with The Domestic Man


Transformation: the process of turning something into something else. In fitness, this often means changing our bodies; changing our mental outlook; changing our actions, what we do and how we live. To truly transform, however, we have to take on all aspects of our lives from top to bottom. We need a total transformation, and […]

Paleo Magazine Radio Eps 50: Getting Clear on Ketones with Jimmy Moore and overcoming setbacks with Adam Farrah


Since Dr.  Atkins and his low-carb revolution, millions of people have tried low-carb dieting. However, questions still persist. What the heck are ketones? Is it good for me to be in ketosis? Do I need to count calories while I’m on a low carbohydrate diet? Helping to shed some light on these questions is Jimmy […]